International Trade & Domestic Tirades: Domestic/International and the Real Hypocrisy of Foreign Policy

The Canadian government’s decision to broker one of the largest export deals in Canadian history with the government of Saudi Arabia is unfortunately not the first and unlikely to be the last time when financial decisions promoting particular commercial interests…

Geopolitics, Insecurity and Neocolonial Exceptionalism

Geopolitics, Insecurity and Neocolonial Exceptionalism

An article that my good friend and colleague, Dr. Samer Abboud and I worked on for some time, and is related to our book, Rethinking Hizballah has just come out in a great special issue of Security Dialogue on “The New Middle East: A Critical…

The "End of IR Theory"?

The “End of IR Theory”?

This symposium on Duck of Minerva is definitely something worth a look at, particularly for my International Politics students.