International Trade & Domestic Tirades: Domestic/International and the Real Hypocrisy of Foreign Policy

The Canadian government’s decision to broker one of the largest export deals in Canadian history with the government of Saudi Arabia is unfortunately not the first and unlikely to be the last time when financial decisions promoting particular commercial interests…

(Dis)Embodied Methodology of International Political Economy

(Dis)Embodied Methodology of International Political Economy

Really great critical work on methodology and IPE here by Nicki Smith posted on The Disorder of Things

Theory of the drone 1: Genealogies

Nice to see the critical engagement and analysis of drones steadily become richer. Here’s another via geographical imaginations

Gender Trouble, Racial Salvation and the Tragedy of Political Community in ‘Game Of Thrones’ (2012-2013)

As with earlier (and somewhat similar) blogs like this, who can resist IR And Game of Thrones?

ISA-Canada Professional Development Workshop at CPSA 2013!

Organized by Professor Mark Salter at the University of Ottawa, this Professional Development Workshop, sponsored by ISA-Canada and held at CPSA 2013 at the University of Victoria on 4 June 2013 is a great opportunity for graduate students, and junior…

Tere tulemast!

Best of luck – looks like a great workshop!

Politics of Catastrophe review

Politics of Catastrophe review

Many of my students are fans of this book. Great work Claudia and Rens!

International Political Sociology virtual theme issue on Territorialities, Spaces, Geographies

This looks like a great issue with some top notch contributors engaging with some long standing tropes, not least the “territorial trap,” thinking globally, acting locally, and Lefebvre.