International Trade & Domestic Tirades: Domestic/International and the Real Hypocrisy of Foreign Policy

The Canadian government’s decision to broker one of the largest export deals in Canadian history with the government of Saudi Arabia is unfortunately not the first and unlikely to be the last time when financial decisions promoting particular commercial interests…

Theory of the drone 3: Killing grounds

Excellent post on Drones together with some discussion of Joseph Pugliese’s outstanding new book.

Obama speaks about drone wars

It remains to be seen how much policy is likely to change as a result of Obama’s speech. How significant is it for the sovereign to openly admit to the exercise of exceptional power? Does this shine a light on…

Spaces of constructed (in)visibility

Yet another in depth critical report on the use of Drones in Pakistan.

EU military spending and austerity

Great info graphic and a telling account of EU priorities

Where drones matter: Notes on Israeli sikul memukad

Interesting post on the Israeli use of Drones

Homing in

Photo essay: Ground the Drones demo

Where Souls Dwell

Laila Shawa’s work is timely and compelling, and I appreciate Derek Gregory bringing it to a wider audience.