Summer at UVic Centre for Global Studies


My summer visiting research fellowship at the Centre for Global Studies at the University of Victoria has unfortunately come to an end. My arrival in early June simultaneously seems like only yesterday and like eons ago. My research talk on the collaborative book project, “Ferocious Architecture,” which I gave shortly after my arrival, and the outstanding feedback provided by the most engaged, diverse and intellectually generous audience has percolated with me over the past months. Spending the summer months in Victoria is no hardship, but having the privilege to share ideas among this interdisciplinary group of scholars, junior, senior and everything in between, proved to be an incredibly rewarding experience. Made possible by the “presence” of members of this community – and here presence is meant in the deepest sense of the word – my experience was intellectually invigorating, challenging, and rekindled the passion and intellectual curiosity one generally loses as the years pass from the halcyon days of graduate study. I thank all of those who made this possible, not least the CFGS Director, Oliver Schmidtke, the interim Director, Martin Bunton, Principal Investigator of the Borders in Globalization Project, Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly, the most skilled, wizard like administrators, Jodie Walsh and Nicole Bates-Eamer, and the many other fellows in the Centre who not only provided intellectual stimulation, but open arms welcome and kinship. It’s nice to see such intellectually generous, nurturing and stimulating environments can flourish. Until we meet again CFGS! IMG_0578