Talks and forays into the security world

Probably like most blogs, or at least I’ll pretend this to be so in order to placate myself, this one isn’t updated regularly enough. I will endeavour to change this. Part of the reason that my endeavours are thwarted as of late, are some unexpected commitments.

This summer, I was commissioned by INTERPOL to complete a report on global harmonization of biometric standards. The whole experience was more weird than wonderful. The final edits are still underway. During the first week of September, I attended the EISA conference in Barcelona. Met up with many great colleagues, some of whom I’ve not seen in many years. Personally and professionally delightful. Next week, 25-29 September, I head to the World Customs Organization conference in Tunisia. Effectively delivering the report I did for INTERPOL, with some modifications. The jury is out in terms of how weird and wonderful this will be. The first week of October I have an alumni breakfast talk to give on Trump. Blagh. Some edits to two chapters in forthcoming edited collections, and submit my own edited book manuscript. Then, catch up time. All the while, teaching two courses, one in politics and one in sociology. Delightful. Hopefully more fun contributions to come.